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One of the most frustrating experiences in an Orthodontic office is debonding of brackets and the reasons for debonding are multifactorial. It can be either due to faulty bonding procedures employed by the Orthodontist or faulty food habits by the patients, yet another reason is the nature of the malocclusion which makes placing brackets very difficult and at times the occlusal interference results in frequent detachment of brackets.

Some of these challenging conditions include bonding on impacted teeth, partially erupted teeth, ectopically positioned teeth which are completely blocked out from the arches and malocclusion characterized by severe rotation.

In my opinion the MPA is a useful adjunct that is which is easy to use and inexpensive.

~ Dr. N.R. Krishnaswamy,

Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics, Professor and Head of the department of Orthodontics & Vice Principal of Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai, India.

I am using MPA. Its very useful adjunctive in many situations
It is good..

~ Dr. Ravindra Sable,

Professor & Head, Dept. of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Pune. Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics

It is a very important tool for partially erupted teeth, rotations, impactions. It has so many applications. The lumen can be kept gingivally or incisally. The advantage of this MPA is that the size is so sleek that it hardly gives any disturbance to the tissues. Another great advantage is ligature wire, elastic thread can be passed through.
I am very happy to use MPA and I recommend it to all the clinicians.

~ Dr. Rupesh Godiawala,

In Private Practice, Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics

I have found the MPA (Multi Purpose Attachment), designed by you to be extremely useful in a variety of situations. As it is flat and does not protrude too much beyond the tooth surface, it did not trouble my patients, on their lips or cheeks, or interfere with their occlusion.

-high placed canines / teeth
-for de-rotations / crowded out teeth when the brackets cannot be properly placed.
-peg shaped teeth, as usual brackets are difficult to seat
-deep bite cases where lower brackets would de-bond (anterior or posterior)
-on milk teeth
-In cases of end-on occlusion in premolar/canine region, as brackets tend to de-bond
-initial stages on impacted molars
-some crossbite cases, as it allows correction of the crossbite, sometimes surprisingly without a bite plate or turbo
-partially erupted teeth where necessary, or those partially covered by gingival tissue
In fact I had written about this wonderful attachment on the ESCO forum a couple of years ago.
I also use other innovations by Dr. Nikhil Vashi like
I have found it convenient, easy to place and remove, and there is no need to place omega loops for tie-backs.

Again, convenient, quick and easy to tie and remove. It facilitated quicker sliding in closing extraction spaces, and I have finished cases much faster. To me it seemed similar to the self locking brackets, with cost greatly reduced, and the advantage to change the tie to a wrap-around when needed.

~ Dr. Dennis Pereira,

Orthodontist, In Private Practice


I must say I am now using your MPA in almost any situation where I cant place a bracket and above everything its the most comfortable attachment for blocked out canines and now it's an essential attachment for my lingual cases with crowding.
Of late, my whole department at SRCDSR, Faridabad has started using it.

~ Dr. Deepak Rai,

Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics, Associate Professor, SRCDSR, Faridabad and in private practice in Noida


MPA has made things very simple and easy...gone are the days when I used to be worried about bonding brackets in Deep bite is an attachment which one can place, practically in any maloccluded tooth and still get the best of the results....occassionally one is fooled by the sheer small size of the attachment, but it can bring about excellent correction....thanks Nikhil...everytime I use it I remember you .......

~ Dr. Rajesh Kamdar,

In Private Practice in Mumbai, Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics, Hon. Orthodontist to Leelavati Hospital & Medical Research Center, Reader, Dept. of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics at Vasantdada Patil Dental College, Sangli, Maharashtra.


If i could summarise it in a phrase MPA for me is Mera Pyaara Attachment When all attachments fail to do just that (attach), Mera Pyaara Attachment never fails. MPA 2.0 coming up ??

~ Dr. Biju Abraham

In Private Practice in Mumbai and Reader, Dept. of Orthodontics, YCMM&RDF's Dental College, Ahmednagar.


I have used your MPA attachment since past four years and found it useful in several situations like partly erupted teeth, severely rotated teeth, teeth with extremely small clinical crowns, impacted teeth surgically exposed and bonded fractured teeth at CEJ and need to be extruded etc. MPA is very small and sleek and hence can easily be used in the above mentioned clinical situations till satisfactory portion and position of the tooth is available for placement of regular brackets.

It is a wonderful, economical, easy to use, and easily available armamentarium in my kitty and I strongly recommend its use in every practice.

~ Dr. Laxmi Laxmanan,

Consultant Oral surgeon and Orthodontist, Diplomate Indian Board of Orthodontics


Minimum occlusal interference

Easier to bond

Minimum trauma

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